Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Time To Place Your Holiday Order!

You better watch out, you better not cry...actually don't worry about that stuff, but do make sure to place your holiday order in time! 

Cinnamon Roll Christmas tree (see photo above)

Yeast rolls: traditional, onion & garlic, French herb, cracked black pepper & Italian herb

Pumpkin pie

Sweet potato pie (very limited)

Pecan pie

New England maple walnut pie

Frosted bourbon balls (by the tin)

Frosted amaretto balls (by the tin)

Spicy brown sugar pecans (by the tin)

Gingerbread/holiday plate

Bourbon brownies/holiday plate

Amaretto brownies/holiday plate

here is the ordering form:

and you can go to my facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/katieconnallyconfections/,  Or you can call me.     :)

i am always thankful to be a part of your table, which is a privilege I do not take lightly!  here's to a happy, healthy & beautiful holiday.

Yours in tidings of comfort & joy,

Katie Connally's grandaughter 

Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Road To A Healthy 2016!

So, I had some thoughts about the Whole30 program ~~ First: I love it.  Second:  Man, this is a lot of shopping, chopping and prep...it is so worth it, but nevertheless, it IS some work.  Third:  I cannot be the only one that is wishing for a "kitchen fairy" to drop by and handle it for me.  And then, the epiphany...offer this healthy work as a Katie Connally Confections service.  And thus, the "Katie Connally Confections Shop/Chop/Prep Service" was born!  What does it consist of, you ask??  Keep reading ;)

And it is just that simple!  Your very own Whole30 can get off to a great start with this service to help get it going.  We start with two weeks worth of food prep.     

Can you do it all on your own?  Yup, you sure can (if your family doctor agrees).  

Can you make it easy for yourself, your schedule and your family?  Yup, you sure can...by calling!  And having a friend to do the program with makes success much more likely.   

This service will only run from January - April, and your 2016 can begin with an assist to a marvelous foundation. 

So get this health party started with a call to get on the schedule!   

Yours in health and happiness,

Katie Connally's granddaughter