Friday, July 26, 2013

The Fruits Of My Labor

I love getting ready for our town's farmers markets. Tomorrow is the Hillcrest Farmers Market and the baking went smoothly (yay).  A sampling is below.

Key Lime Rum Baby Bundts

Orange Twist (no alcohol)

Lemon Twist (no alcohol)

I forgot to take photos of the new "Mocha Rum" baby bundts but they look pretty awesome, too!  Come see us from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. every Saturday.

Have a great night!

Katie Connally's granddaughter

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Summer Giveaway for July and Schedule Update :)

Just a reminder!  Love a summer giveaway?  Win a lovely Chocolate Whiskey Cake for your dessert table.  Here’s how it works:
1.  Go to my Katie Connally page and “like” it:

2. “Like” the photo

3.  Share the giveaway on your page

4.  Put your name in the comment line

That’s it!  The happy winner’s name will be drawn on August 9, 2013.  If you are local you can pick it up at the Hillcrest Farmers Market on Saturday, August 10.  If you live outside of Little Rock I will mail it to you.  Simple, delicious & fun! Tell your friends they can participate, too.  The more the merrier!

We will be on vacation this week and will not be at the Hillcrest Farmers Market on August 3rd, but you can place an order through facebook or by phone.

Have a fabulous day weekend!
Katie Connally’s grandaughter

Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Summer's Morning in Arkansas

I'm a New England girl but I love an Arkansas sky and this morning's was particularly beautiful...

Have a great Sunday!

Katie Connally's granddaughter

Friday, July 19, 2013

Amaretto ~ A Love Story


So, the story (sorta) goes like this per Wikipedia:  Bernardino Luini, one of Leonardo da Vinci's pupils, was chosen to paint a sanctuary with frescoes and needed a female model.  Luini found his inspiration in a young widowed innkeeper, who became his model and in most versions of the story, his lover (swoon!).  The woman wished to give him a gift, so she steeped apricot kernels in brandy and presented the resulting concoction to a touched Luini.  Pretty romantic, yes? Gifts are great, but girlfriend should have started mass producing the stuff and then opened a chain of her inns.  But, that’s just me.  Anyway, this delicious Italian libation gets our vote and judging by the way our new Amaretto Brownies sold out on Tuesday at the Westover Hills Farmers Market, we are not alone.  Amaretto has a delicate scent and flavor that pairs well with the chocolate, making it a natural choice for brownies and pound cakes.  We will have the Amaretto Brownies starting this Saturday at the Hillcrest Farmers Market, 7:00 a.m. – 12:00 Noon, 2200 Kavanaugh Boulevard, Little Rock, and on Tuesdays at the Westover Hills Farmers Market @ N. McKinley & Richard B. Hardie Drive (off Kavanaugh).  Haven’t been to either of our farmers markets yet?  It’s time!  Come enjoy the summer’s high of tomatoes, onions, meats, homemade jellies, scone mixes, fresh berries and more. 

It is only July (and hot, hot, HOT!), but since the wonderful Hillcrest Farmers Market runs year round I have begun planning for the fall and winter months.  Here is a little of what the holiday menu will look like for November and December:

Glazed Cranberry Lemon Pound Cake (no alcohol)

Bourbon Balls (2 pound minimum)

Holiday Mocha Rum Cake w/Peppermint Candy Shavings

Hazelnut Bourbon Torte

Gingerbread Cake (no alcohol)

Bourbon Pecan Pie & Tarts

Buttermilk Bourbon Pie (similar to Chess Pie)

Yes, it is early to think about these things, but it’s a nice reminder that it will not be this hot forever ;) 

Stay cool!


Katie Connally’s granddaughter 

Thursday, July 11, 2013

If You Can’t Stand The Heat…

Okay -- I really, really, REALLY don’t like the heat thing in the south…this is what I would change about Arkansas. Growing up in the NYC/Connecticut area, I thought when the thermometer hit 90 degrees we were suffering from a heat wave. Little did I know what the future held for me, weather-wise. Ha! But Arkansas has so many wonderful qualities that make living here in June, July and August worthwhile: The friendly people, the Hillcrest & Westover Hills Farmers Markets (of course!), the lower cost of living, the lack of road rage (not to give anyone any ideas) and the beauty of the state. So it’s hot for a few months…considering what we have here, it is an easy trade-off. Plus, I really can't get out of the kitchen!

Speaking of what we have here in Little Rock, Arkansas: Two of the finest farmers markets around! Westover Hills Presbyterian Church holds theirs every Tuesday from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m., at the corner of N. McKinley and Richard B. Hardie drive. Fresh fruits; vegetables; meats; condiments; and my distinctive whiskey and rum baked goods. Free parking and the timing is great since you can stop by on your way home and pick up what you need for dinner.

On Saturday mornings head to the Hillcrest Farmers Market in front of Pulaski Heights Baptist Church at 2200 Kavanaugh Blvd. The list of delicious items at this market goes on and on, and you can count on having a great time choosing! Cheeses, meats, veggies, fruits, soaps, biscotti, my baked goods and more. And plenty of free parking. The summer hours are 7:00 a.m. –12:00 Noon, and things sell out fast so be prepared!

Keep in mind how full sized Chocolate Whiskey Cakes and/or Butter Rum Cakes are a great option for the groom’s cakes at your wedding and/or at your bridal shower. And the Baby Bundts make great favors for your guests. Other flavors are available so call me to set an appointment!

My items for Saturday, July 13 will be Baby Bundt Cakes in Butter Rum, Chocolate Whiskey, Key Lime Rum, Peach Schnapps, Lemon Twist (no alcohol), Blackberry Schnapps and brownies.

Cakes will be sold in ½ sizes: Peach Schnapps Pound Cake & Butter Rum.

To place an order you have three options:

Call: 501-773-2762

Pick up is usually at either farmers market, but delivery arrangements can be made. :)

Reminder: I do make full size cakes & baby bundts without alcohol, so don’t be shy about requesting them.

See you Saturday morning!


Katie Connally’s granddaughter


Friday, July 5, 2013

What Dreams May Come...

What Dreams May Come...

Two years ago if anyone had told me I would have my own
cake company I would have thought they were two bricks 
shy of a load and that their pilot light had been blown out. 
But lo and behold, here am I, with a wonderful & growing 
cake company that received a great review in the Arkansas 
Times.  Read about it here and please come try everything for yourself:

As any baker will tell you, the process of baking is a heart 
and soul thing.  Your full attention is required and if you 
have all your ingredients beforehand it is truly a peaceful 
event.  Here’s what can happen when you DON’T pay 
attention:  baking soda overload, and there is no turning 
back when this happens.  No remedy, no way to alter my 
course or turn back the hands time…the batter was simply 
done for.  Nowadays, when you walk in my kitchen and you 
hear me counting out loud, you’ll know why!  Live, learn, 

Speaking of growing, the next phase of growth will be a double oven, as pictured above.   I can just see it now: baking two dozen baby Bundt cakes at a time…I will be floating in the clouds and smiling like crazy!  Don’t know how or when I’ll have it, but I know it is in my near future. 

Two new Baby Bundt flavors coming to the Hillcrest 
Farmers Market starting tomorrow morning, and the 
Westover Hill Farmers Market on Tuesday: Peach Schnapps 
and Blackberry Schnapps.  Judging by the reactions of my 
taste testing staff, they will be a hit.  One way to eat them during the hot summer days:  Put them in the fridge for a couple of hours before serving with your favorite coffee.  So, so good.  

Have a great weekend, stay safe and spend your time with 
quality people.  You’ll always be glad you did.

All the best,

Katie Connally’s granddaughter   

Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Almost 4th of July!

Happy Almost 4th of July!

How will you celebrate Independence Day?  With friends and family? That’s the plan at my house and we are going on our first visit to the Clinton Library here in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Yes, I have been remiss in getting this place on my radar, but will be all set come this Thursday.  And it is FREE on July 4th , so everyone should make it there!  

Today’s shopping: bourbon, rum and peach schnapps.  Who has a better part time job than me, I ask you?!?!  The better to make delicious baby bundt cakes, my dears.  Something that made me smile BIG TIME is the review of Katie Connally Confections by Michael Roberts of the Arkansas Times.  He thinks pretty highly of our delightful cakes and made it known!  

Here is the link: Let me know what you think.   And some thoughtful person put Katie Connally Confections on Urbanspoon:  I would love it if everyone gave it a "thumbs up"!  Follow us on facebook:

I have a new recipe courtesy of our wonderful friends at   "Peach Schnapps Pound Cake".   Absolutely delicious & perfect for the summer weather!  Slice it and top with fresh peaches and whipped cream for an incredible dessert.  This recipe takes peach shortcake to a sophisticated level.  A must have for your party/picnic.  

Whatever you choose to do on the 4th, remember to give thanks for our freedom, which is not free.  

Until next time,
Katie Connally's granddaughter