Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Shopping With A Purpose

A-shopping I will go, a-shopping I will know the rest!  How exciting that business is booming and I need to add more equipment.  Walmart, here I come.  Springform pans, parchment paper, 20 ton (!) bags of flour and sugar are within my sights.  And of course, a stop at the "package store" for the vital ingredient in our whiskey & rum cakes.  Bliss!   

Baking is such a peaceful endeavor.  Melting, stirring, blending and then the lovely scent that fills the air.  Customers constantly talk of how wonderful our whiskey and rum cakes smell and pairing a slice of our cake with a cup of coffee.  The perfect marriage.  Place an order today and enjoy it for yourself! or contact me through our facebook page

Looking forward to hearing from you and bringing you your own delectable cake.  :)

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