Monday, May 6, 2013

To market, to market to buy a…Chocolate Whiskey Cake! So, on Saturday at the Hillcrest Farmers Market (HFC) here in Little Rock the Baby Bundt Cakes were flying off the table. Loved it! The full size cakes did great as well. It was the official opening of the market for the season and the special hours were 7:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m., but we sold out by 10:30 a.m.  Wow!  High class problem, people --we should all have such problems all the time! Anyhoo, time to start baking five days a week instead of three. The address for HFC is 2200 Kavanaugh Boulevard, a very pretty area for shopping and walking.

I’ve decided it is time to go Defcon 4 with the business and have started a campaign on I will use the funds for: a Website; more equipment; trademarking names; ingredients; advertising; and the initial setup fees for credit card acceptance on location. It is easy to use PayPal for online ordering, but in person at the markets is another matter. And I do plan to sell at other local markets in addition to HFC. So, you can help me grow and here’s how: The campaign is on my facebook page and if you will donate/share it with your friends and they donate/share it with their friends we can go global in no time! And every donation gets yummy treats in return, so it is win-win. I appreciate all the support and I look forward to expanding Katie Connally Confections and the home baked aspect which is what makes it worthwhile.

REMINDER: Sunday, May 12th is Mother’s Day (yay!) and you need a gift, flowers and a full size cake, and you know I’ve got your back on the cake!  I will be at the HFC this Saturday with full size cakes and the Baby Bundts.


This Saturday’s Baby Bundt flavors will be:

Glazed Key Lime Rum

Chocolate Whiskey

Glazed Lemon Twist (no alcohol)


The whole Bundt Cake flavors will be:

Golden Butter Rum

Chocolate Whiskey

To make sure you get a Mother’s Day cake on Saturday you can place an order with me.  Until I have a website (I know, I know!) just send me an email: and I will send you an invoice that you pay through PayPal using any credit/debit card you have.  I will bring your order with me to the Hillcrest Farmers Market, 2200 Kavanaugh Boulevard.  Easy, delicious and your Mom will love it! 

Peace and chocolate forever,

Katie Connally’s granddaughter

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