Sunday, April 28, 2013

So, yesterday the Hillcrest Farmers Market was outstanding (as usual) and the Baby Bundt Cakes completely sold out!  Key Lime Rum and the Chocolate Whiskey proved to be quite popular.   I will have them again on May 4th, which also is the “official opening” of the season for the market.   More vendors and more fun!

Mother’s Day is coming!  May 12th is the big day.  How to celebrate Mom… gifts or flowers?  Brunch or dinner or lunch?  A delicious Katie Connally Confections rum cake or chocolate whiskey cake?  Okay, we do want all of that stuff (especially the cakes)!  As a mother myself I can tell you of a few sure things some of us want, and that includes YOUR TIME.  To talk, to laugh, to remember.   We want you to know and love and respect God.   We want you to pray.  We want your smile, your trust and most of all, your safety and happiness.  We want you to brush your teeth and wash your hands, no matter how old you are.  We want you to eat well and be well.  We want you to remember everyone makes mistakes (including moms) and that whatever mistake is buggin’ you right now, you were NOT the first person to make it.  One hundred years from now there will be all new people occupying this Earth, so keep your perspective on mistakes reasonable.  We want you to know your worth, which is priceless.  We want you to know the past is called the past because it is past, so don’t let anyone dredge it up. 

Yes, we saw you hide your peas under the mashed potatoes. 

Yes, we know the dog did not do it.  Neither did the cat. 

Yes, we saw the scratch/dent/chip on the car and chose not to say anything.

 Yes, we know when you said you were sleeping over at a friend’s house but “just decided to come home super early”, you were only covering your tracks about breaking curfew.  I mean, come on.  Be free with graciousness, as you can clearly see we were/are with you.  

We want you to remember the history of your marvelous country and that freedom is not free.  We want you to remember why Memorial Day is much more than a 3-day weekend.  We want you to be careful but not afraid.  We want you to be bold but not reckless.  We want you to be thrifty but not cheap.  We want you to know quality and quantity are not the same.  

We have already taught you these things and much, much more, but as "mother" we get to repeat them.  Because we said so.  

Most of all, we want you to know we love you.

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